Strong Girl Society

A female led society fostering the connections between physical activity and emotional well being for women and girls.

About Strong Girls

At Strong Girl Society, we have witnessed first hand the impact that movement can have on the lives of women and girls. As life long athletes and entrepreneurs in the fitness and wellness community, we understand the real connection between strength in body and mind. We have reaped the benefits of playing on teams that have taught us that nothing great is achieved alone. We have accomplished physical feats which have shown us that when you becomes strong in body, you also become strong in mind. And we have personally helped other women and girls to accomplish their physical goals and watched a confidence and light grow within them along the way.

We believe that the benefit of fitness is not being thin or skinny. Fitness, strength and movement are about so much more. For some girls, being part of a team can give them the sense of belonging that is so important in your formative years. For some women, a walk every day provides mental clarity for her to work through problems in her life. For others, a tough HIIT class gives her “me-time” away from the many demands on her resources. Or, becoming physically strong could give a women the confidence she needs to ask for the promotion or raise she deserves. For Moms like us, physical strength might just mean making it easier to carry your kids around all day, get up and down off the floor with them, or play ball with them in the back yard.

Strength can mean so many different things to so many people, but we believe in the magic it unlocks in all of us.

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Jess Klickna

California, United States

Krys Bauer

California, United States

Maria Pelc

Gdańsk, Poland

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